Founded in 2008

The Evolution

From 2008 working for Motorsport teams and Drivers training companies , our first feature was the creation of the Kers, DRS and ERS system for simulator software, was used by all Formula 1 Teams, then GP2/F2 and DTM series. also the track creation of all motorposrt series based on DEM data (Digital Elevation Model).Then  we develop the Formula E Car Model and The Electric Engine Feataure who allowed all Formula E Teams from season 1 to work on simulators, developing their real cars and become a strong category.

Ohw Studios S.L Start to scanning and building tracks of all the worldwide motorsport series by LiDAR technology in 2012, developing new professional features and hardware for Motorsport teams and driver training companies, turning us into one of the principal supplier for World Wide Motorsport teams providing LiDAR Tracks, Cars Models and Developing new car technologies.


Ohw Studios S.L is working with many TOP Motorsport teams, Racing Drivers Training Companies, hardware simulators builders and events companies providing many solutions such as LiDAR Tracks, Simulator Hardware, Car Models (made from real data) for different simulators software like rFactor, rFactor2, rFPro, Assetto Corsa/Pro, Panthera by Cruden and custom simulator software.

And finally, collaborating in the development of many touring new car models for top automotive industries companies.